Shamey Metalcraft
Belt Buckles

Made for Greg Allman in 1976. The peach represents the name of their (Allman Brothers Band) recording co. The man on the post in the center represents Greg's brothers favorite song , Tied To The Whipping Post, and the mushroom represents their logo.

Buckle made for Wolfman Jack in 1981 after meeting Him at Mike Love's ( Beach Boys) wedding where the Wolfman was the ordained minister who performed the services.

Belt buckle made for James Brolin. When I met him he was starring as Dr. Kiley in the TV series Marcus Welby M.D.

Belt buckle made for Sammy Davis Jr. in 1972 when I met him in Windsor Ontario where he was performing. This was one of several pieces I made for him before he passed.

Belt buckle made for Bobbie Darrin When I met him in Detroit where he was performing 1n 1975.

Belt buckle made for Uri Geller whom I met during his 1979 appearance in Detroit. Uri Geller is the world famous Israeli whose powers have NEVER been explained. He bends metal by what he contends is the power of his mind alone and performs telepathic feats with a considerable degree of accuracy.

Ostrich skin belt with knife as I received it.

Gold buckle added to knife handle

Yellow gold lion with white gold teeth and diamond eyes, white gold backplate, Total weight 5 oz.(2250 grams)

Bronze and nickle silver fish buckle, torch cast

Bronze and nickle silver face buckle, torch cast

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