Shamey Metalcraft
Carved and Painted Toothpicks

Bob Shamey, of Ligonier, PA
Hand-Carves movable balls, chain links
and miniature pliers from common toothpicks!
As seen in Ripley's Believe It Or Not! This was the first time.
Below you will find examples of other little characters that are carved on top of toothpicks!

This was the 9 car freight train that was carved for the "Ripley's Believe It Or Not" museum. If you notice, you can see between the wheels!



Wizards, here's a few hangin out together.

Sea captain with wooden leg
standing on a Coors Light can
He has gold buttons on his coat and a gold pin on his hat

Comedian standing on a microphone
holding a microphone

Golfer standing on a Maxfli golf ball
with his Big Bertha in hand

Alien standing on a flying saucer

Pittsburgh Pirate standing on a baseball
He's got the new uniform on and he's holding his Louisville Slugger!

Fly fisherman with Cabella's waders on and a fly rod in his hand standing on a Martin reel.
Notice the fly in the Rainbow trout's mouth!

Cigar store Indian with cigars in hand
standing on a bundle of Havana's

Basketball player shooting a Jump Shot
He's got Nikes on. He made it!

Pittsburgh Steeler standing on a football
Getting ready to throw the winning pass in the Super Bowl game!
He's got Nike's on too!

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